iFLYTEK Global Chinese Learning Platform

Global Chinese Learning Platform

chinese learning platform
chinese learning platform
chinese learning platform

The Global Chinese Learning Platform is the first intelligent Chinese learning portal, characterized by advanced speech technologies and deep learning. Its vision is to provide personalized plans for people learning Chinese worldwide. With customized dynamic lessons and real-time feedback, it will greatly improve students’ learning experience.

This AI-enhanced language learning platform developed by iFLYTEK Co. Ltd. is available as a self-study solution to all people wanting to learn Chinese. It can help build a foundation of the Chinese language and improve day-to-day communication skills.

Apart from learning Chinese, this platform also provides resources to learn about traditional Chinese culture, famous Chinese poems, and classic Chinese calligraphy. It makes Chinese cultural resources broadly available and brings the beauty of this culture to everyone through audios and videos.

chinese classics reading
chinese recitation
chinese traditions recitation
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