iFLYTEK contributed its SMART-TTS to the hit Chinese TV mini-series Every Treasure Tells a Story.

iFLYTEK’s SMART Text-To-Speech (SMART-TTS) Imbues AI-created voices with Emotion

iFLYTEK contributed its cutting-edge speech synthesis technology to the Chinese TV mini-series Every Treasure Tells a Story. AI text-to-speech method imbues the millennia-old collection of stories with real emotion, embodying the subtle blend of technology and traditional history and culture. This was not the first time iFLYTEK AI-enabled TTS technology has been used for an important cultural film. The 2018 documentary Innovating China recreated the voice of esteemed Chinese voice artist Li Yi using iFLYTEK technology.

As one of the core technologies designed to provide multidimensional expression capabilities in iFLYTEK’s Super Brain 2030 Plan, SMART-TTS has significantly improved the rhythm, sound quality, and emotional tones of its voices. The average pronunciation score is 4.0 MOS and has exceeded 4.6 MOS in speech-based communication scenarios—making the synthesised voices more human, natural, and realistic.

Compared with early versions of robotic synthesised, the SMART-TTS can create emotional depth. The SMART-TTS system’s range of identifiable emotional tones currently ranges 11 options: happy, apologetic, petulant, serious, sad, confused, scared, encouraging, angry, comforting, and spoiling. Each emotion option can be adjusted on a 40-point range of intensity. Elements such as pause, accent, and pace can also be adjusted within SMART-TTS.

Unlike most traditional speech synthesis systems, which operate based on limited voice library data, the SMART-TTS utilizes a massive library of text-based, self-supervised speech pre-training models across the entire chain of speech synthesis systems.

The new voice synthesis functions used in the SMART-TTS are now available in multiple widely-available apps including the latest AI content creation platform launched by iFLYTEK, which showcases various AIGC tools, including the SMART-TTS presenters, to empower content creators to produce high-quality audio and video creations.

iFLYTEK takes pride in the continued advancement of our technologies and the creative uses our partners have identified for tools such as SMART-TTS.

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