iFLYTEK released the first industrial Chinese pre-trained AI model for speech recognition.

iFLYTEK Releases the First Industrial Chinese Pre-Trained AI Model for Speech Recognition

iFLYTEK officially released its industrial pre-trained AI models at the recent 2022 iFLYTEK Global 1024 Developers’ Day. iFLYTEK researchers and engineers are at the frontier of AI model development and the release of the new industrial AI models will enhance voice recognition automation capabilities for use in a diverse range of applications. The pre-trained speech recognition AI model is designed to provide holistic speech recognition services, and the pre-trained multimodal AI model can support a variety of services including speech recognition, emotion recognition, and more.

There are three key characteristics that set the industrial pre-trained AI models apart.

  • Low-resource requirement: the speech pre-trained AI model requires less than 100 Mb of space, while the multimodal AI pre-trained model requires less than 300 Mb, allowing both tools to meet a variety of industrial application requirements on both cloud-based and terminal systems.
  • Rapid learning: the training data used to develop each system includes sound data from a range of scenarios including near-field and far-field sound, and industry jargon from diverse professional fields so that the AI model can continue to learn and adapt quickly to any industrial end-user.
  • Broad utility: the two pre-trained AI models can perform a wide range of tasks to support industrial users while continuing to learn from each interaction and improve the system’s utility.

Already, the iFLYTEK industrial pre-trained AI model has been applied to many technical fields with excellent results, including as much as a 70% accuracy improvement in loud environments. The evolution of artificial intelligence technology would be impossible without the joint participation and contribution of enterprises and developers. iFLYTEK Research Institute stands ready to work with our partners to accelerate the industrial application of AI using our industrial pre-trained AI model, so that AI can empower all aspects of life and deliver an intelligent future.

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