ai outbound call

A.I. Outbound System

The A.I. Outbound System is an intelligent application system
that is programmed to offer human-like outbound calls.

ai outbound call

The system aims to remove clients’ concerns about low work efficiency, high labor cost and non-uniform service standards.
A number of multinational financial systems use our A.I. Outbound System to address their customer needs, such as payment inquiries, or lost/stolen cards.

Outbound Call – Easy Implementation

Connect with telecom

Server choose
(on-premises or cloud)

Question flow

Mobile number

Epidemic Analysis Items

Capturing key information via user tags

User label customization
Adding multiple user tags
Show user label after call
User filtering and comprehensive analysis by tags
outbound calling system

In January 2020, we launched our A.I. Outbound Call System to help tackle the COVID-19 crisis. Since that time, our system has made over 64 million cumulative outbound calls and covered more than 15,800 hospitals and clinics.

iFLYTEK has worked with its partners across the globe including in South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand in order to develop outbound calling solutions for public health benefits.

iFLYTEK launched our A.I. Outbound Call System
AI outbound calling system
AI outbound calling system
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