Hangzhou Xinxigang Primary School on the fast track of smart education

Primary School in Hangzhou on the Fast Track to Smart Education

iFLYTEK has been assisting the Xinxigang Primary School in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou build out its smart education resources and facilities to aid the school in applying AI courses and services to its educational resources. 

In September, Xiaoshan District was designated as one of the first pilot districts for the large-scale application of two projects—“Artificial Intelligence (AI) Courses of the Central Audio-visual Education Service (CAES)” and the pilot district for “Integration of AI and Education” in Zhejiang Province—becoming the only dual pilot district in the province.

The school is committed to inspiring creativity among its students by providing innovative, interactive science and technology curriculums. Xinxigang School has built the first Sci-tech Experience Hall and the AI Innovation Laboratory in the district, where students learn through hands-on programs including programming for robotics and 3D printing. To further enhance the school’s efforts, iFLYTEK and Zhejiang University partnered with the school district to establish the iFLYTEK AI Education Demonstration School and the Experimental School of Education College of Zhejiang University.

iFLYTEK also provided professional development training for the teachers on iFLYTEK’s AI-enabled products and services in the fields of mathematics, information technology, and science.

A group of AI-trained teachers used their new knowledge, iFLYTEK content, and other feedback to compile a textbook titled “the AI and Robot” for the school in the first year of programming. The textbook includes three chapters: theoretical study, module application, and comprehensive practice, with a total of 20 courses. Each lesson has been reviewed by teachers and students.

iFLYTEK also provided the iFLYTEK AI Homework Machine, which is equipped with image recognition technology to correct student work and collect learning information in the process. After corrections are completed, a report of all students’ learning data is automatically generated, providing the teacher with precise information to provide targeted assistance and refine their lessons.

Over the past four years, the school has built a complete smart teaching process thanks to the collaborative efforts of school administrators, teachers, and students, which iFLYTEK is proud to have supported. Driven by data analytics, AI, and other technologies, the smart classroom has improved the quality of education by providing new educational resources and boosting the effectiveness of teachers.

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