Hand Recognition Technologies for Writing.

iFLYTEK Leads in Developing Hand Recognition Technologies for Writing

In the AI Tech Pavilion of the High-Tech Expo at the 2022 iFLYTEK 1024 Global Developer Festival, iFLYTEK advancements in handwriting and hand motion recognition were on display to allow conference participants to see the advancements in iFLYTEK’s advanced AI technology.

The iFLYTEK Research Institute has developed a multi-factor technical framework that can achieve real-time handwriting recognition based on time sequencing and photoplane modal information. The framework works by:

  • Conducting semantic analysis of a special field to enable real-time analysis of the handwriting pattern;
  • Transcribing multi-factor free drawing and handwriting recognition and complex structured recognition technology;
  • Systematizing the time sequence trajectory change and historical memory module to achieve incremental real-time handwriting recognition.

This technology enables real-time handwriting recognition with high accuracy. Unlike previous technologies, users can utilize switch-free and real-time handwriting recognition unique to iFLYTEK products. Products utilizing this technology allow users to convert their writing into text easily and accurately using technology that is an exclusive capability of the iFLYTEK Research Institute.

The handwriting mode of the iFLYTEK Input Method and iFLYTEK AI NOTE allows users to write in both Chinese and English fluidly, providing higher efficiency. The iFLYTEK AI Learning Pad also allows students to write down various mathematical formulas, which will be accurately recognized and evaluated by the Pad, while the iFLYTEK Education Smart Window enables various equations, organic molecular formulas, and chart writing.

The contact-free handwriting developed by iFLYTEK Research Institute can be triggered with simple gestures and does not require any special hardware.

All the above capabilities are attributable to the gesture interaction system independently developed by the iFLYTEK Research Institute. This system captures hand information with a camera and models the time sequence feature for consecutive frames.

As technologies such as AI continue to evolve, there are infinite possibilities for the objects, methods, contents, and value of what we can do with our fingertips. With the boom in virtual human, smart wearable devices, and robots, the brand-new multi-modal interactive experience of handwriting not only makes knowledge spread more efficient, but also opens a door to new fields such as the metaverse.

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