AI Education has reached 3,600 schools in China.

iFLYTEK Expands Smart Education Digital Applications to Empower Quality and Comprehensive Learning

iFLYTEK has been deeply rooted in the development of smart education tools for 19 years and has realized systematic zero-to-one innovation, empowering the digital transformation of education.

Improving classroom instruction and enhancing education quality

iFLYTEK has been focused on enhancing the classroom setting through the development of cutting-edge technologies and creating a systematic approach to comprehensive education. Through these efforts, we created an intelligent teacher-led and student-oriented classroom that improves both the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching.

In Xiaoshan Middle School, Zhejiang Province, iFLYTEK partnered with the school to establish a data-driven smart classroom. Before class, the lesson plan and structure are adjusted according to individual student analysis for a tailor-made approach to each classroom. The teaching methods are then further refined using process diagnosis and student feedback, and personalized homework is made available using dynamic learning data after class. The ability to personalize lessons to each student without adding burden to the teacher empowers the whole classroom and improves learning outcomes.

In Nanning, Guangxi province, iFLYTEK has provided rural schools in remote areas with three smart classroom configurations that allow students to participate in instruction from major township schools. As a result, students in these rural areas now have access to the same high-quality education resources as their peers in more developed communities, bridging the urban-rural gap and improving regional education.

Enabling intelligent learning diagnosis for personalized development

The collection and analysis of ongoing learning data enables personalized and precision independent learning. The iFLYTEK Smart Homework system collects and analyzes data from tests and assignments, they provides a progress diagnosis which allows assignments to be tailored to each student at their various stages of learning. As a result, iFLYTEK tools help students reduce academic burdens, improve learning efficiency, and enhance competence in various subjects.

In the No. 1 Middle School of Shaxian County, Sanming, Fujian Province, the smart homework system and individual learning guides were introduced to innovate personalized approaches. Homework is tailored based on individual students’ learning style and baseline knowledge level, reducing the burden on students while promoting their individual growth.

iFLYTEK also launched the AI Learning Pad for primary, junior high, and high school students. Driven by a variety of AI technologies, this product provides AI tutoring for independent learning in a multitude of scenarios including previews, reviews, exam preparation, and homework guidance.

Strengthening data governance to teach students according to their aptitude

Through student analysis and personalized recommendations, AI integration with education is changing the traditional teaching model, reducing the burden and increasing efficiency for both teachers and students. Meanwhile, the application of smart education in all scenarios promotes digital management and governance, making it possible to teach students according to their aptitude on a large scale. To date, iFLYTEK has assisted more than 40 prefecture-level cities, counties, and districts across China, including Wuhu, Bengbu, Qingdao, Kunming, Wuhan, and others with its regional-level project on teaching students according to their aptitude. In this way, iFLYTEK can support the development of high-quality regional education.

In May 2022, “AI+Education”, an innovation demonstration project for teaching students according to their aptitude, was officially launched in Wuhu, Anhui province. Made possible by the newly created education infrastructure of Wuhu, a “1452” smart education model was built based on big data to solidify the application of digital education in the city. The effort allows teaching, learning, the interaction between parents and teachers, and education system governance to be intelligent, allowing high-quality smart education to be developed in Wuhu and Anhui at large, further contributing to the digital transformation of education in the city.

In June 2021, a region-wide smart education project was launched in the Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone, covering 37 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. The goal is to “promote the integration of education resources for coordinated development”. By carrying out projects on high-quality balanced development, bridging the gap among schools, increasing teaching quality and efficiency, and enhancing students’ competency in the information era, a new ecosystem of smart education is possible.

AI and other cutting-edge technologies can reduce the burden and increase the efficiency of learning to contribute to the comprehensive academic development of students. Be it the integration of AI and education, or the digital transformation of education, the goal remains the same— “return to the essence of education” and teach students according to their aptitude.

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